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About Sid


Sid Vaidya is an entrepreneur, commercial loans expert, networking professional and international speaker. He has over 15 years of business experience with over 10 years of commercial loan advisory experience. Furthermore, Sid is a best-selling author of Network With Sid, a professional networking strategy book. He is the host of the Commercial Loans podcast, which is available to listen on ten podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

To connect with Sid, email him at

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Commercial Loans Advisory

With over 10 years of experience working in the commercial lending industry, Sid has worked with start-up, small businesses, and corporate clients. He has experience working on the following commercial loans – commercial mortgage, commercial line of credit, equipment loan, term loan, and standby letter of credit. Sid takes time reviewing the financial performance and financial condition of the business to access their commercial lending needs. Sid works with clients across the US with connections globally.

If you want to learn about commercial loans, check out the Commercial Loans Podcast which is hosted by Sid. The podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms like Apple Podcast and Spotify.

If you are interested in speaking with Sid regarding your commercial lending needs, email him at

Speaking and Media Opportunities

As an international speaker, Sid has spoken at various corporations, small businesses, universities, colleges, trade associations, networking groups and podcasts. A few topics include professional networking, business growth and commercial loan strategies and leadership skills. Recent examples include:

5 Steps Toward Networking For A Career and Business – NYIT Venture Conference

Humility : The Forgotten Leadership Skill – Berkeley College

How C-Suites Can Network On LinkedIn – Association of Corporate Growth

If you are interested in speaking with Sid regarding your commercial lending needs, email him at

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Sid Vaidya hosts virtual networking events including panel discussions, webinars, and many other types of virtual events. Contact Sid via for more information.

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Network With Sid by Sid Vaidya is an Amazon best-selling book in multiple categories including business development. The book discusses Sid’s experience with professional networking from observations to strategies. He gives practical advice in all scenarios including virtual networking, group networking and more.

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